Dorm With Cafeteria May Boost College Weight Gain

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- College students who live in dormitories with dining halls gain more weight than students who have to walk farther for their meals, a new study has found.

Health Tip: Screening Early for Colorectal Cancer

(HealthDay News) -- The general rule is that most people don't need to be screened for colorectal cancer until the age of 50. But for some who meet certain criteria, earlier screening is recommended.

Health Tip: Confined to Bed While Pregnant

(HealthDay News) -- If your doctor prescribes bed rest during pregnancy, be sure to ask plenty of questions about what's safe for you to do.

Certified Nurse Anesthetists Can Safely Go Solo, Study Suggests

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Patients have no increased risk of death or complications from surgery when nurse anesthetists work without physician oversight, a new study has found.

Lack of Food Puts Kids at Risk for Asthma, Other Chronic Ills

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Children and youth who don't have enough to eat are at increased risk of poor health, and repeated episodes of hunger may put them at risk for chronic diseases such as asthma, researchers say.

Foster Kids Gain From Mentoring, Relationship Skills

TUESDAY, August 3 (HealthDay News) -- Mentoring and relationship skills programs can improve the mental health of foster children, a new study from the University of Colorado suggests.

Signs of Autism May Show in Early Infancy

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Signs of autism may show up in babies as young as 1 month old, a new study shows.

Weight Gain Eroding Americans' Quality of Life

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- As Americans' average weight keeps rising, their quality of life is falling, according to new research.

Patient's Pulmonary Valve May Substitute for Donor Aortic Valve

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Heart patients who need a new aortic valve are more likely to survive and have a better quality of life if a valve from their own pulmonary artery is used, instead of an aortic valve from a dead donor, new research has found.

Foreign-Trained Doctors As Good As U.S.-Trained Counterparts

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Foreign-born doctors practicing in the United States who earned their medical degrees abroad performed as well or better than their U.S.-born counterparts, a new study finds.

Health Highlights: Aug. 3, 2010

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:

Women More Attracted When Men Wear Red: Study

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Men looking to attract the opposite sex may want to add red to their wardrobe, a new study finds.

Patients With Hepatitis B May Face Greater Risk of Blood Cancer

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- People with hepatitis B infection have about twice the risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma, finds a new study.

Clinical Trials Update: Aug. 3, 2010

(HealthDay News) -- Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of

Vitamin B May Not Guard Against Second Stroke, Heart Attack

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Stroke patients who take vitamin B supplements to lower their homocysteine levels may not be protected from second strokes or heart attacks, a new study finds.

Number of Obese Adults Keeps Rising, CDC Says

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- America's waistline continues to widen.

One Therapy Session in ER Can Cut Teen Violence

TUESDAY, Aug. 3 (HealthDay News) -- Having a therapist talk to kids who go to an emergency room with a violent injury and who also admit to previous alcohol use can reduce repeat episodes, new research finds.