(HealthDay News) -- Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of ClinicalConnection.com:

Shingles Vaccine

This study is for people 50 or older who have not had shingles or the shingles vaccine. Participants will receive the study vaccine and lab testing at no cost, and may be compensated for time and travel.

The research site is in Columbia, Md.

More information

Please see http://www.clinicalconnection.com/clinical_trials/cond...on/shingles.aspx.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

This 58-week study for people with rheumatoid arthritis will include 14 clinic visits. Candidates must not have had any of the following: heart, kidney, lung or liver disease; non-healed infected skin ulcers; herpes zoster; uncontrolled diabetes; multiple sclerosis or kidney problems requiring dialysis.

The research site is in Los Angeles, Calif.

More information

Please see http://www.clinicalconnection.com/clinical_trials/condition/rheuma...d_arthritis.aspx.


Overactive Bladder

This study will evaluate an FDA-approved drug for overactive bladder. Candidates must be females, aged 18 to 75, who urinate eight or more times in a 24-hour period.

The research site is in Arlington, Texas.

More information

Please see http://www.clinicalconnection.com/clinical_trials/condition/over...ive_bladder.aspx.


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