Teens With Autism Preoccupied With TV, Video Games: Study

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- When given the opportunity to have screen time, children with autism spectrum disorders typically choose television and video games over social interactive media, such as email, a new study finds .

Back Problems May Cut Into Retirement Savings

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Most people forced to retire early because of back problems face ongoing financial struggles, a new study finds.

Health Tip: Is Your Child Anxious?

(HealthDay News) -- Children who don't get enough time to play and relax -- or who are pushed beyond their comfort zone -- may become anxious, experts say.

Health Tip: Treating Jaw Pain

(HealthDay News) -- A TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder can cause serious jaw pain that can affect your ability to chew and eat food.

Don't Forget Your Kids on Valentine's Day

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Valentine's Day is an occasion for couples to reaffirm their commitment to each other, but parents should show love for their children every day of the year, the American Academy of Pediatrics says.

Lost Love Often the Biggest Source of Regret, Study Shows

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) --Valentine's Day is the holiday that celebrates love, so be sure to show it because a new study suggests love that's lost causes the greatest regret of all.

Vitamin D May Not Boost Heart Health in Kidney Patients

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Vitamin D therapy does not improve heart health in people with chronic kidney disease, a new study indicates.

Lead, Cadmium Levels in Blood Linked to Reduced Fertility

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- High blood levels of cadmium in women and high levels of lead in males can make it difficult for couples to conceive, new research suggests.

Cold Baths May Help Ease Muscle Soreness After Workouts

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Taking a cold-water or ice bath may reduce exercise-related muscle soreness but it's not clear whether it can cause harmful side effects, a new evidence review indicates.

Stem Cell Treatment Might Reverse Heart Attack Damage

MONDAY, Feb. 13 (HealthDay News) -- Stem cell therapy's promise for healing damaged tissues may have gotten a bit closer to reality. In a small, early study, heart damage was reversed in heart-attack patients treated with their own cardiac stem cells, researchers report.

Bullying a Strong Risk Factor for Suicide in Gay Youth: Study

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- New research confirms the trend of disturbing headlines that have appeared in media reports in the past two years:

Brain Scans May One Day Be Used to Predict Dementia

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Using brain scans, researchers were able to monitor mental decline over a two-year period in people without dementia and even predict the disorder before it happened, according to a new report.

Health Highlights: Feb. 14, 2012

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:

Sleeplessness Tied to Early Alzheimer's, Study Says

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Poor-quality sleep may have worse effects than simple fatigue: A preliminary new study suggests it's linked to the buildup of brain plaques seen in people with Alzheimer's disease.

Switching to Water, Diet Drinks Linked to Modest Weight Loss

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- People who drank water or diet beverages instead of calorie-laden drinks lost 4 to 5 pounds over half a year, according to new research.

Psychotherapy May Ease Hot Flashes After Breast Cancer

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- After breast cancer treatment, many women suffer from hot flashes and night sweats, but a type of "talk therapy" might relieve these symptoms for some women, British researchers suggest.

Any Exercise Benefits Kids' Heart Health: Study

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Even if kids spend the rest of their time sitting around, an hour of any physical activity a day will benefit their heart health, English researchers report.

Antibiotics Don't Help Most Sinus Infections, Study Finds

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- Treating a sinus infection with antibiotics doesn't speed recovery, new research shows.

FDA Thinks Shortage of Cancer Drug for Kids Can Be Averted

TUESDAY, Feb. 14 (HealthDay News) -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that it was cautiously optimistic that a feared shortage of a life-saving drug used to treat a form of childhood leukemia will be averted.