Cancer Center

American Cancer Society Services

In the Ark-La-Tex, the American Cancer Society (318-219-1668) offers a multitude of programs and services for cancer patients to aid in their recovery. Some of their services include:

Early Detection & Prevention

  • A Powerful Team
    The utilization of early detection education materials by community organizations as a means of promoting the American Cancer Society screening guidelines and increasing cancer screenings and referrals.
  • Smoke-Free City Ordinances
    Active work is being done to strengthen the smoke-free policies within our cities. This is just one way we can decrease the cancer deaths due to secondhand smoke.
  • National Cancer Information Center
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing cancer information…staffed with cancer specialists, social workers, oncology nurses & doctors.
    Cancer information at your fingertips!
  • Research
    46 Nobel Prize winners in research; largest source of private, not-for-profit funding. Influential in milestones such as: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, mammogram, Pap test, PSA test, bone marrow transplants, Tamoxifen, Gleevec & the structure of DNA.
  • Advocacy
    Milestones such as the Clean Indoor Air Law in Louisiana, insurance companies to cover cost of cancer screenings, restrictive advertising for tobacco companies, warning labels on cigarettes & no smoking in airplanes.
  • College Scholarship Program
    $1000 scholarships are available for young cancer survivors to help with the cost of college.

Patient Support Services

  • Reach To Recovery
    Volunteer breast cancer survivors call women who are newly diagnosed or have just had surgery to offer educational materials, services and hope.
  • Cancer Survivors Network
    A first-of-its-kind web-based support service for cancer survivors & their families, caregivers & friends.
  • Road to Recovery
    Volunteer drivers provide cancer patients from Shreveport and Bossier City with transportation to ensure that they are able to receive their life-saving treatments.
  • Transportation Grants Program
    Funds in the form of grants are provided to qualifying cancer centers that offer radiation and chemotherapy treatment. These funds are used to assist cancer patients from outlying towns undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy with chronic transportation needs, when no other assistance is available.
  • Resource Referral for Patients
    We work hard to know the resources in our area in order to better meet the needs of our patients…often we partner with other agencies.
  • RX Project Hope
    If you cannot afford your medications, we want to help! We will be happy to work with the pharmaceutical companies and your healthcare team to complete indigent applications.
  • Guestroom Program
    Hotels provide free lodging to qualifying patients who are traveling at least 50 miles one-way during cancer treatment. (Limited number of rooms available.)
  • Wig & Breast Prosthesis Boutique
    A large supply of wigs & breast prostheses are available. While the wigs are available to everyone, the prostheses are provided to women who do not have insurance coverage. For the insured, assistance with the appropriate paperwork is also provided.
  • Gift Items
    Port Pillows & Care Caps- Small pillows are provided to patients in order to ease the discomfort of the seat belt on surgery sites or port-a-cath areas. In addition, many colors of soft cotton Care Caps are available to ladies that are experiencing hair loss.

Support Groups

  • Man To Man
    An educational support program for prostate cancer survivors and their spouses.
  • Look Good…Feel Better
    A service where licensed cosmetologists volunteer their time to work with women who are undergoing treatment. Each patient receives a free box of make-up and lessons on how to combat the temporary side effects of treatment which include make-up, head coverings & nail care.
  • I Can Cope
    Complete educational workshops for the entire family. Workshop topics include “Nutrition Well-Being”, “Managing Cancer-Related Fatigue” & “Relieving Cancer Pain”.