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The Best Thing in My 12 Years of Nursing

KristiKristi was a recovery room nurse working in day surgery when she realized that family obligations were conflicting with her career. “I was thinking about leaving, and then my director of nursing told me to check on FlexPool,” she said. “It has been the best thing in my 12 years of nursing.”

Returning to nursing on the floor was a big step for Kristi. “I was scared at first because I had been in my previous position so long, but I had kept my skills current. The transition was not as bad as I thought.”

The FlexPool option and nursing on the floor has really changed Kristi’s attitude about nursing. “This was a turning point in my nursing career,” she explained, “Not only with the way I feel about nursing -- I can say I love nursing -- and working on the floor brings me back to the home front.”

Now Kristi spends time with her active family and has job fulfillment. “I can actually make my own schedule. It’s like I am working for myself,” she said. “It’s a good place to be. I am very happy with my job.”

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