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Controlling My Schedule --- With Great Benefits

Melanie'sMelanie was working as an agency nurse at Willis-Knighton and paying for her benefits out-of-pocket. When she realized that Willis-Knighton’s FlexPool offered an option that included benefits, she decided a move from agency to FlexPool would be a good one – and she was not disappointed.

“I was already working for WK so, actually, there wasn’t much difference,” she said about what was a seamless transition. “I still go to all the WK hospitals and do everything I was doing as an agency nurse, but now I have great benefits. They have lots of different options and this was the right one for me.”

Melanie was also surprised to learn that she would receive a bonus for signing on for two years. “That made it better,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting that. And then they said I would make my own schedule. With the agency, I was on contract to guarantee my hours. FlexPool guarantees my hours too but I have the flexibility of scheduling myself. It’s been just great.”

Melanie was in college studying architecture when she realized that it was not the right choice for her. She decided to try nursing by becoming a CNA, and she was hooked. She became a LPN and then, through a bridge program, earned her RN. It was the right choice for her and FlexPool allows her more choice than ever before as she plans her own schedule and works the days that are most convenient for her.

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