Sports Medicine

Certified Athletic Trainers

Willis-Knighton provides on-site athletic trainer coverage to our Sports Medicine clients to evaluate injuries, provide immediate care as needed and help in the rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries. They also help fast track physician access for more serious injuries.

Athletic trainers also aid in the prevention of injuries by advising on the proper use of equipment and applying protective or injury preventive devices such as tape, bandages and braces. Injury prevention also includes education to the athlete and coaching staff to avoid putting the athlete at risk for injury.

Willis-Knighton’s trainers work under the supervision of our sports medicine physicians and coordinate with other health care professionals as well as team coaches to minimize the athlete’s time away from the team.

  • Brandon Alderman
    Brandon Alderman
  • Paul Ballard
    Paul Ballard
  • Erin Bolin
    Erin Bolin

  • Lance Champagne
  • Stephanie Culbertson
    Stephanie Culbertson
  • Lani Litchfield
    Lani Litchfield
  • Jennifer Fogleman
    Jennifer Fogleman
  • Preston Lutes
    Preston Lutes
  • Brian Rockett
    Brian Rockett
  • Kyle Stairs
    Kyle Stairs