Talbot Medical Museum

Permanent Exhibits

Exhibit A Few Highlights
Medicine in the New South
Traces the regional development of medicine from the end of the Civil War to the dawn of the twentieth century. 1890s doctor’s buggy, patent medicine collection & vintage instruments
Tri-State Sanitarium
Examines the founding of Tri-State Sanitarium, Willis-Knighton Health System’s precursor. 1920s hospital fixtures, photographs & artifacts
Willis & Knighton
Discover the men behind the household name, who they were and what they did.
Original oil portraits, artifacts and material culture
Blessed Beyond Measure
A success story like no other. Traces the evolution of a small 80-bed hospital to the largest medical center in the state.
Vintage photographs, large scale rendering of an advanced Cardio Hybrid Lab
Tri-State School of Nursing
An intimate look at the life of a student nurse during the Great Depression and World War II.
Vintage uniforms, photographs, exposé on a Presidential Tri-State nurse
In the Operating Room
Discover the development and evolution of the modern operating room.
Reconstruction of a 1940s operating room, vintage instruments
The Birth of Obstetrics
Find out how the evolution of the science of birthing aided the entire field of medicine.
Dr. J. Dudley Talbot’s original medical bag, instruments and equipment
In the Lab
Uncover how the hospital lab has shaped modern medicine
Vintage microscopes and equipment, reconstructed lab