Transplant Center

Pancreas Transplant

In 1995, the Regional Transplant Center received approval by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) for pancreas transplantation, the only cure available for type I diabetes.

Kidney/Pancreas Transplant

Type I diabetics who develop kidney failure and undergo a kidney transplant will face other secondary complications due to diabetes which can lead to development of recurrent disease (diabetes) in the transplanted kidney. In these patients, an optimal solution to this problem is a combined kidney/pancreas transplant. A successful kidney/pancreas transplant prevents recurrence of diabetic disease in the transplanted kidney, and prevents further secondary diabetic complications.

The Pancreas and Kidney/Pancreas Transplantation program utilizes the same multi-disciplinary team approach in patient evaluation, treatment and follow-up care as that of the kidney and liver transplant programs.

Click here for Article from MD News Magazine, December 1997 Issue.