WK Fitness & Wellness Centers

As we begin to move toward normality, the WK Fitness & Wellness Centers are happy to inform you of the lifting of some restrictions.

COVID Update for WK
Updated May 24, 2021

Screening – We will no longer be screening members upon entrance to the facilities.

Masks/Face Coverings – Masks are strongly encouraged.  Should members choose to wear a mask, they must provide their own and wear them to cover both mouth and nose to be effective.

Spacing of Equipment - Social distancing should be observed with equipment use, leaving adequate space between members.

Cleaning and Sanitation - Frequent cleaning and sanitation will occur by staff. Members should also use disinfectant (provided by us) to wipe down equipment before and after use.

Bathrooms and Lavatories - These will remain open and monitored for cleanliness throughout the day.

Closed - Until further notice, the following will be closed:  coffee areas and nurseries.

Outside Food - Food cannot be brought into the centers. Drinking water may be brought from home or purchased at the front desk of each facility.

Operational Hours - All facilities will operate at normal hours except weekends. At this time, WK Pierremont Wellness Center is the only facility open on weekends. Operating hours are 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Facility Ingress/Egress - Please note that facility access will be limited to one entrance.  Signage will be provided indicating the appropriate entrance/exit.