Health Tip: Help Prevent Clogged Milk Ducts

(HealthDay News) -- Clogged milk ducts can affect a woman's ability to breast-feed, and cause pain and discomfort for mom.

Health Tip: Allergic to Latex?

(HealthDay News) -- Among people with a latex allergy, exposure to the material can lead to a serious -- potentially deadly -- reaction.

Genetic Condition May Be Mistaken for Autism in Some Kids: Report

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 18 (HealthDay News) -- Some children diagnosed with autism may actually have a genetic deletion disorder instead, according to a new study.

Young Adults With Autism Less Likely to Have Jobs, Live Independently

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 18 (HealthDay News) -- Young adults with autism are less likely to find work or live on their own than their peers with other kinds of disabilities, two new studies show.

Suicides Rose Worldwide After 2008 Economic Crisis: Study

TUESDAY, Sept. 17 (HealthDay News) -- Effects of the 2008 global economic crisis could be to blame for increased suicide rates in the United States and other countries, according to a new study.

Could E. Coli Vaccine for Cows Cut Human Infections?

TUESDAY, Sept. 17 (HealthDay News) -- Vaccinating cattle against E. colibacteria could cut the number of human infections by 85 percent, far higher than previous estimates, British scientists say.

Fluorescent Scans May Have Potential to Track Alzheimer's Progression

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 18 (HealthDay News) -- Newly developed fluorescent compounds may help doctors track Alzheimer's disease as it advances in living patients, a new study reveals.

Geography, Income Determine Health Care in U.S., Report Says

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 18 (HealthDay News) -- Low-income Americans' access to health care and the quality of care they receive vary widely based on where they live, according to a new report.

Health Highlights: Sept. 18, 2013

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay: