Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center

Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center

The region’s most technologically-advanced care for hard-to-heal wounds and for other conditions that require healing oxygen therapy is available in Shreveport & Bossier City at the Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care Centers. This department offers the expertise of three physicians as well as therapists with special training in wound care and hyperbarics.

Hyperbaric medicine is a means of providing additional oxygen to body tissues and is accomplished by placing patients in a constantly-monitored chamber. 

Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center - Shreveport

Shreveport Chamber

Our large multiperson chamber at Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care in Shreveport is unique to this region and allows patients to be treated in a comfortable atmosphere. We are one of only a handful of units with this advanced technology.

Patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy sit in comfortable lounge-type chairs. The chamber is filled with air under pressure. Patients may read, sleep or just relax during their treatment.

Trained medical staff always accompanies patients in the multiplace chambers.

Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center – Bossier

Bossier Chamber

Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center - Bossier has several of the largest monoplace (one person) chambers available. The patients are able to lie down or sit up while watching television or napping.

Patients are supervised by trained medical staff at all times.

Both of these facilities offer specially trained physicians, nurses and technicians to provide a safe and comfortable location for hyperbaric oxygen treatment and advanced wound care.