WK Stroke Center

Time is brain. That’s why Willis-Knighton Health System is committed to best practices protocols for treatment of stroke. Working through its center of excellence for stroke at WK Pierremont Health Center, emergency teams throughout the health system are dedicated to identifying the symptoms of stroke and implementing prompt treatment for patients at Willis-Knighton hospitals.

Quick action by emergency teams and physicians who treat stroke, neurologists and neurosurgeons, can mean quicker recovery and better functional results. Care in a unit dedicated to stroke, like the health system’s stroke unit at WK Pierremont, can mean quicker recovery. Following national standards for care, and carefully measuring them, Willis-Knighton physicians and stroke team help to assure that each patient’s needs are carefully assessed and addressed. Through rehabilitation and education patients gain an awareness of their condition and learn about potential future risks as they prepare for a return to their normal lifestyles.

Willis-Knighton supports public education, using the universal acronym: FAST.

F Is the face drooping?

A Is there weakness in the arm?

S Is speech difficult or unintelligible?

T It is time to call 911.

If a stroke is suspected, a call to emergency responders is generally your best choice, as they can analyze and report to the emergency department to help assure the fast response that is critical in the case of a stroke. A person with these symptoms should never drive himself or herself to the hospital.