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Willis-Knighton Adds Hybrid Room to Heart and Vascular Institute


Hybrid Room

In an effort to provide innovative medical technology and improve heart care for patients, Willis-Knighton is adding a hybrid room to the Heart & Vascular Institute at Willis-Knighton Medical Center. Willis-Knighton’s decision to offer this hybrid room mirrors that of the nation’s most prestigious heart programs. The room integrates a surgical operating room with advanced imaging, allowing interventional cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons to cooperate on procedures for patients who need advanced minimally invasive surgery as well as more complex surgeries.

“We’re at a cross roads where innovative new treatment options are blurring the lines between surgical and minimally-invasive procedures,” said Kathy Walker, director of the Heart & Vascular Institute. “Until the past few years cardiac surgeons and cardiologists have worked in separately. Typically each works in a different environment with different technical support, equipment and staffing needs. We’re finding that by bringing the expertise of these professionals together in one setting that the patients benefit.”

The new addition was created using the Philips Flex Move system which allows the imaging equipment to be easily moved into position when needed. The design of the table allows access from a variety of angles. Willis-Knighton’s special Philips unit is only the second to be installed in a U.S. hospital though it has been available longer in Europe.