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Willis-Knighton Launches Homework Help Center


New online center is a great resource for kids and teachers alike

Willis-Knighton Health System has launched an online Homework Help Center for kids through the Kids Health portion of its website www.wkhs.com. This new center offers articles with tips on doing homework, studying, taking tests, being home alone after school, and other school-related topics.

“Our new Homework Help Center is a great resource for teachers, school administrators, nurses, counselors, sports coaches, and health teachers,” says Marilyn Joiner, director of Marketing and Public Relations. “And of course, parents and kids will love the helpful content and interactive features. Best of all, specific articles are targeted to children, teens and parents, so everyone is sure to find some helpful tips here. ”
Willis-Knighton’s Kids Health site offers 6 Steps to Smarter Studying for Kids:

  1. Pay attention in class. When you pay attention in class, you are starting the process of learning and studying.
  2. Take good notes. Good notes = easier studying. Start by writing down facts that your teacher mentions or writes on the board during class. 
  3. Plan ahead for tests and projects. You can then plan how much to do after school each day, and how much time to spend on each topic. 
  4. Break it down. If you have a bunch of stuff to learn, break it into smaller chunks. The more days you spend reviewing something, the more likely it is to stick in your brain 
  5. Ask for help if you get stuck. You can't study effectively if you don't understand the material. Be sure to ask your teacher for help if you're confused about something. 
  6.  Get a good night's sleep! Your brain needs time to digest all the information you've given it. Try to get a good night's sleep and you'll be surprised by what comes back to you in the morning.

For more tips targeted to kids or teens doing schoolwork or parents helping with schoolwork, visit the Homework Help Center via the Willis-Knighton website at the following links: