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Ethics Article Published in Law Review


Dr. Frederick J. White III and J. Kelly Elrod have co-authored an article that was recently published in the Southern University Law Review. White, a physician, is chairperson of the Institutional Ethics Committee of Willis-Knighton Health System, while Elrod, an attorney, is vice-president of legal affairs for the health system and is a member of the committee. They coauthored the article on behalf of the committee.

The article, “Organ Donation After Cardiac Death: A Louisiana Hospital Ethics Committee Perspective,” details the work of the committee as they dealt with the statutory and regulatory background, initiatives of governmental and nongovernmental entities, and ethical concerns raised by organ donation following a cardiac death (DCD). The committee performed extensive research for several years as they developed the Willis-Knighton Health System DCD policy, one of the most innovative in the healthcare arena.

Members of the committee include Calvin Alexander, MD; James A. Burnett, JD; Susan Cash, RN; Sherri Hagerhjelm, RN; Maurice Hawley, III, MD; David T. Henry, MD: Sharon M. Hudnell, RN; Janet Michels, LCSW; Timothy Nicholls, MD; O. Quinn Nyman, PhD; Deborah Olds, RN; S. Michelle Self, MD; Michael R. Sewell, MD; G. Brent Whitton, MD, and Michael R. Williams, MD. The committee is formally charged with intra-institutional education, community education, policy development and case consultation and reports directly to the board of trustees of Willis-Knighton Health System.