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Dr. Kirk Grantham Joins Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center At New WK Bossier Health Center Location


Dr. Kirk GranthamKirk Grantham, MD has joined Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center at its second location on the campus of WK Bossier Health Center. The first location in WK Canterbury Square at Willis-Knighton South, is staffed by Steven Kitchings, MD, DABFM, and Victoria Everton, MD, DABFM.

Dr. Grantham, a Shreveport native, is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Shreveport and earned his medical degree from LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport. Before returning to Shreveport-Bossier, he practiced family medicine in Springhill, LA. Prior to that, he was chief resident at St. Vincent’s Family Medicine in Jacksonville, FL.

Hyperbaric medicine is a means of providing additional oxygen to body tissues and is accomplished by placing patients in a constantly-monitored chamber. Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care Center in Bossier offer patients a one person chamber in which they can lie down during treatment or sit up and read or watch television. The larger multiperson hyperbaric chamber at Willis-Knighton Hyperbaric & Wound Care in Shreveport is unique to this region and allows patients to be treated in a comfortable atmosphere.

Both facilities offer specially trained physicians, nurses and technicians to provide a safe and comfortable location for hyperbaric oxygen treatment and advanced wound care.