Parenting Preparation Classes



When should I take prenatal classes?

Your pregnancy is divided into trimesters. Weeks 1-12 are the first trimester. Weeks 13-26 are the second trimester. Weeks 27 to 40 are the third trimester. Please observe these guidelines! Here are the classes that are available and when they should be taken. 

Class When to Take
Build a Better Body for Your Baby First Trimester
Childbirth Preparation Weeks 24 or later
*Mothers Expecting Multiples – Weeks 20-24
Prenatal Tour Week 26 or later
Newborn Care Week 27 or later
Breast-feeding Week 27 or later
Siblings Class Week 27 or later

Is registration necessary?

Registration is required. Class sizes are limited.


Some classes have fees to cover materials and meals. If a fee is charged, it is noted in the class description. Unless the class says “mothers only,” the fee for the class is per couple. The fee remains the same, even if only the mother can attend. Cancellations are only available by telephone. When the class is cancelled at least one week prior to the class date, a refund will be issued, less a $10 administrative fee.

May I bring someone with me?

Mothers-to-be may bring a spouse or companion to most classes; however, Build a Better Body for Your Baby is for mothers only. We are unable to accommodate children in classes other than siblings class.

Who should register?

Anyone expecting a new baby in the family is encouraged to register for appropriate classes. Separate enrollment for the spouse/companion is not required. This can be indicated on the enrollment form.

A mother enrolling children for the Siblings Class must enroll each child separately.

When registering for the Grandparents Class, each grandparent should enroll separately. 

Where are the classes located?

The prenatal tour must be taken at the Willis-Knighton hospital where you plan to deliver. The other classes can be taken at Willis-Knighton South and the Center for Women’s Health, WK Pierremont Health Center or WK Bossier Health Center. Please choose the most convenient time and location to attend classes.

For registration, please call (318) 212-8225 or Register Online