Safety and Security

Baby’s Safety & Security

Willis-Knighton has established security policies to ensure the safety of newborns.

  • All Willis-Knighton staff providing care to mothers and newborns should be easily identified with a Willis-Knighton picture badge. 
  • Mothers should not give the baby to anyone without checking for proper identification. Mothers may question anyone providing services to her or the baby and she must alert nursing staff if any situation makes her uncomfortable. 
  • Babies will always be transported in rolling, open cribs. Only properly identified staff may transport baby. Neither the mother nor family members should remove the infant from the room. 
  • The baby should never be left alone or unsupervised in the room. A trusted family member must watch baby at all times. 
  • Mothers should not sleep with the baby in her bed. Accidents related to co-bedding include falls and suffocation. 
  • Identification bracelets on mother and baby should not be removed while at the hospital. Each mother and her baby are assigned a unique bracelet with special identifiers. These bracelets are critical for identification. 
  • Each baby will have a security sensor attached to one ankle that links him or her with our Hugs Infant Security System. Should anyone tamper with or remove the band, or take baby out of his or her authorized area, the Hugs System alerts staff. Staff members are trained to respond in order to prevent baby from leaving the area. 
  • An age-appropriate car seat must be safely installed in the car before the day of discharge. Mothers cannot leave the hospital with the baby unless this infant car seat has been installed.