Infectious Disease Specialty Unit             

A specially-designed unit has been designated for infectious diseases at Willis-Knighton Medical Center. The Infectious Disease Specialty Unit offers a carefully controlled environment with expert care from a team that specializes in this unique type of care. Restrictions and precautions in this self-contained unit isolate these patients from other areas of the hospital. 

Entrance Points

Entrance points at our hospitals are limited to control the flow of traffic and help assure that everyone is screened upon arrival.


Masks are mandatory at all times on our campuses and buildings. Please wear your mask when you come to our hospital.  All staff will be wearing masks too.


Visitors bring warm wishes, but they also can bring unwanted infections into the hospital. We understand that the more visitors, the higher the risk for infection from the outside. So we limit visitors at this time. Visitors are not permitted on in the isolation setting. Click here for the current regulations. Visitor Restrictions at our hospitals.  (This does not include visitors at hospital buildings.)

Patients may keep in contact with their loved ones on their mobile phones or tablets.  If a patient does not have a mobile phone, a supervisor on each unit can provide one for a call to a loved one.

Waiting Areas

We’ve blocked off seating in our waiting areas to support social distancing.

Hand Sanitizer & Soap Dispensers

Hand sanitizer is found throughout our hospitals, in patient rooms, by elevators, in hallways, in staff break rooms. 


Cafeterias in our hospitals are not yet open to the general public.

Many chairs have been removed to encourage social distancing.

Many food items are wrapped or packaged individually.

Self-service for prepared food items has been discontinued.

Virtual Consultations with Specialists

Our hospitals offer telehealth consultations with specialists when required, further limiting traffic in the hospital.

Hospital Office Buildings

Visitors to hospital office buildings are screened upon arrival.

Social distancing is encouraged.