All-on-4® Restoration


This is a treatment for people who have many damaged or missing teeth. With All-on-4®, the teeth in your upper or lower jaw are replaced with a prosthesis. It's held in place with four permanent implants. All-on-4® gives you a new smile in one day.


Before your restoration, your dentist or dental specialist examines and measures your mouth. Molds are made of your teeth, and you may need x-rays or other scans. A surgical guide and a temporary prosthesis are made to fit your jaw.


When it's time for the procedure, you're given medicine to put you to sleep. Any remaining teeth are removed. And, the bone of your jaw may be adjusted. Then, four titanium implants are placed. They screw into your jawbone. Finally, the temporary prosthesis is secured to the implants.

Final step

You'll wear your temporary prosthesis while your jaw heals. Over time, bone grows around the implants, fusing with them. When you fully heal, you'll come back for another visit. The temporary prosthesis is replaced with a permanent one.


All-on-4® gives you a beautiful smile without the hassle of traditional dentures. Talk to your dentist or dental specialist to find out if All-on-4® is right for you.