Your LOCAL Connection to Healthcare

Why choose our locally-owned, locally-operated hospital for your healthcare?

  • Our commitment is local, focusing people in the local communities where our hospitals and clinics are located.
  • Our local board of trustees, executives and department directors know our community and how to respond to local needs.
  • Paychecks to our 7,500 local employees fuel the local economy.
  • Profits remain local, where they are reinvested in better local healthcare and provide support for local nonprofits.
  • Local vendors do business with our local hospitals and clinics.
  • Our local employees support local projects and serve on local boards that enrich our community.

When you choose Willis-Knighton, you choose to support the health and well-being of local patients and the local community. 

Thank you for choosing local -- Willis-Knighton, your hometown hospital.