Study Title

APOL1 Long-term Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Network


Capture data in recipients of kidneys transplanted from donors with African ancestry.


Criteria for recipient

1.      Received kidney transplant from donor with recent African ancestry.

2.      Multi-organ recipient

3.      Must be within 365 days of transplant date.

Criteria for living donors:

1.      Living kidney donors with self-reported African ancestry.


For recipient:

1.      Donors next of kin will not or is unable to consent to research.

2.      DNA unavailable from donor.

Exclusions for living donors:

1.      Donors who are unwilling or unable to consent.

2.      Donors who are biracial or multiracial.

3.      Donors who were not provided with information on APOL1 or APOLLO study prior to surgery.

For deceased donors:

1.      Donors next of kin must give approval for donors DNA samples to be used in data collection.

Study Process

Study process:

1.       No treatment provided.

2.       Data collection will be obtained from standard of care visits.

3.       Lab values will be collected from patient’s chart.

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Neeraj Singh, M.D.



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