Deliver at the Nest and Be Pampered

The Nest

Mothers-to-be want a warm, comfortable birthing experience. We surveyed local moms and responded with the Nest, a comprehensive program of services in a family friendly atmosphere. We’re transforming Willis-Knighton South & the Center for Women’s Health, WK Bossier Health Center and WK Pierremont to reflect what you want.

You and your doctor design your birthing plan and then we deliver an ideal environment to enhance the occasion. The Nest at WK Bossier and WK Pierremont offer labor, delivery and recovery in a single room that is spacious, modern, cozy and comfortable. The entire labor and delivery unit — the hospital rooms, nursery, lactation and consulting rooms, and waiting areas — is designed with a residential style that reinforces the hospitality of Willis-Knighton.

We’ve renovated with upscale finishes and spacious rooms at Pierremont, with Bossier and South updates underway.  While renovations are in progress, you’ll still enjoy numerous amenities and benefits at all locations, like spa robes and elevated dining.

Comfort is a key factor throughout

  • Specialized bed designed for your comfort
  • HALO® BassiNest® Swivel Sleeper for your baby
  • Guest furnishings accommodate your birth partner for an overnight stay
  • Subtle lighting, relaxing colors, light wood tones and solid surface countertops for a home design touch

Residential style bathroom

En suite bathrooms feature style and comfort with a spacious, glassed-in shower and a sleek vanity area. Enjoy the use of a spa robe and luxury linens during your stay at the Nest.

Dining experience

Expect an elevated dining experience with a complimentary gourmet meal for two to celebrate your special occasion. During your stay you can order from the Nest spa menu crafted exclusively for you or choose comfort foods from the regular menu if you prefer. Just let our menu assistant know what sounds good to you.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Nest, where we are proud to deliver the next generation at WK.

  • Nest LDF
  • Nest LDR
  • Nest Nursery
  • Nest Bathroom
  • Nest Bathroom