Willis-Knighton is always here for you. We believe everyone deserves access to exceptional quality healthcare when and where they need it. Our secure patient portal gives you access to your confidential personal health information around the clock, not just during office hours. 

Hospital/Clinic Patient Portal

The Willis-Knighton Health System is pleased to offer you an opportunity to be more in touch with your health information from your care at Willis-Knighton. Your patient portal will allow you to get information about your visit, laboratory results, medications list, allergies, list of health problems, blood pressure/temperature/heart rate, immunizations, family history and other information about your life that the doctor considers relevant to your health.

To get started please visit your doctor's office or hospital to obtain your personal PIN number to set up your account. If you already have a PIN Number supplied by your doctor's office or hospital, get started using the link below. 

Access Hospital/Clinic Patient Portal

Outpatient Lab Result Portal

Willis-Knighton Health System’s Outpatient Lab Result Patient Portal is an online tool that allows patients to electronically access their laboratory test results. This service includes ONLY outpatient laboratory results therefore, if additional outpatient records are needed, please contact one of the Willis-Knighton Health Information Management Departments (click here for phone numbers).

Access Outpatient Lab Result Portal