TomoTherapy (IMRT)

One of the options available for external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) at Willis-Knighton is the Accuray Radixact System. The successor to the popular TomoTherapy system, Radixact provides an image-guided, adaptive, intensity modulated radiation treatment (IMRT) option that is designed to target tumors anywhere in the body while significantly reducing common side effects. The unique design of the Radixact System features a refined x-ray beamline, unique high-speed multi-leaf collimator, and advanced imaging capabilities previously unavailable on traditional linear accelerators. In addition to integrated megavoltage CT imaging, Radixact boasts the world’s first diagnostic-quality onboard kilovoltage CT imaging system.  When coupled with Radixact’s continuous radiation delivery from 360 degrees around the patient, these features allow greater control of radiation dose, helping it to conform precisely to the target while being minimized in healthy tissue.