Breast Biopsy

You've found a lump in your breast. Or, maybe we've noticed a suspicious area during a breast exam. We need to look closely at cells in that area for signs of breast cancer. We do this with a breast biopsy. This procedure takes samples of tissue from your breast.

Types of biopsies

There are a few ways to do a biopsy. We can take samples with a hollow needle. We can use a suction probe. We can also remove tissue surgically. The type of biopsy that's best for you depends on your symptoms, your medical history and the samples we need to take.

After a biopsy

After your biopsy, you may have a bandage on your breast. If you had a surgical biopsy, you may have sutures. You can expect to go home the same day. You should be able to resume normal activities the next day. Follow your care plan.


In the following days, we'll study the tissue samples in the lab with a microscope. Your doctor will contact you soon to let you know the results. If you need treatment, your doctor will create a care plan that's right for you.