This surgery treats tongue cancer. To get all of the cancer, a small or large part of your tongue may be removed. In some cases, the entire tongue must be removed.


To begin, you're anesthetized. Most patients are put to sleep for this surgery. Then, the surgeon carefully removes the cancerous tissue. Parts of your tongue may be rebuilt. We can do this with a flap of skin and tissue from your forearm.


Another procedure that's often done as part of tongue surgery is a tracheostomy. That's a hole in your windpipe. It lets you breathe directly through your windpipe until the swelling in your mouth goes down.

End of procedure and aftercare

When the surgery is done, you'll be watched closely. You'll need help as you learn to speak and swallow. So, rehabilitation will be an important part of your recovery. Speech and swallowing therapists will work closely with you to strengthen the remaining part of your tongue. They'll help you regain as much function as possible. Follow your care plan for a safe and successful recovery.