Prostate Biopsy

This procedure uses a needle to take a sample of tissue from your prostate. That's a small gland found in men. It makes fluid that mixes with sperm to form semen. A biopsy lets your doctor look for cancer cells in your prostate.

How is it done?

How is it done? Well, there are a few ways. Most commonly, the needle is passed through the wall of your rectum. The doctor uses an ultrasound probe to guide the needle to your prostate. Then, the doctor takes several small samples of tissue.

Another method

Another method is to pass the needle through the skin between the scrotum and anus. This is the "perineum." The doctor makes a small cut in this skin. With the help of an MRI or CT scan, the doctor guides the needle to the prostate and takes samples.

End of procedure

After your biopsy, the sample is taken to a lab and studied. You may have a followup appointment with your doctor to talk about the results.