National Hereditary Cancer Week 2023

Sep 12, 2023

Genetics - NHCW Previvor Day 2023

National Hereditary Cancer Week and National Previvor Day serve as important reminders of the impact hereditary cancer has on families. We spotlight hereditary cancer, impart knowledge, and save lives. Approximately 13% of all cancers are hereditary. Previvors are individuals who inherit many of these disease-causing genes but do NOT have cancer themselves. The term “previvor” is meant to convey how individuals with a predisposition to cancer have their own unique needs and concerns separate from the general population, but distinct from those already diagnosed with cancer.

If certain types of cancer run in your family, affordable testing is available to see if there is a genetic link. Most insurance companies cover the cost of genetic testing for people who meet the national guidelines. Knowing if you have an inherited risk empowers you to be proactive about your health, including increased surveillance, certain medications, risk-reducing surgery and participation in clinical trials. Together, we might be able to prevent certain cancers or provide clinical management early on before cancer occurs or progresses.

Willis-Knighton Cancer Center offers services to help you understand your risk. Along with our team of oncologists, Mary Nordberg, PhD, facilitates genetic testing by identifying appropriate individuals that would benefit from testing. Education to help patients understand and navigate this process is essential.

If you or your family members have questions about genetics and disease, call Dr. Nordberg at 318-212-6214.