Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Spinning Babies® Parent Class with a provisionally certified Spinning Babies® Parent Educator

Spinning Babies® Parent Class highlight’s your baby’s active role in birth. This class is an ideal opportunity to learn techniques to use during pregnancy and labor to help baby find their optimal position for birth. Exploring activities that bring balance to the body while addressing any restrictions in the pelvis. The Spinning Babies Parent Class ® provides a space to learn and encourage normal physiology using the Spinning Babies ® Three Principles: Balance, Gravity, and Movement. This approach can increase pregnancy comfort and ease during labor. The class is ideal for a birthing person and their support partner to take any time after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Please bring a pillow, yoga mat, and dress comfortably for the class.

Please Note:

  • Online Pre-Registration is required
  • Limit 6 couples per class