Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Class

Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Class with a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator

  • Comfort now and ease in birth
  • Essential daily activities
  • Balance tight birth muscles to let baby into position now
  • Learn birth positions to open the pelvis
  • Bring a birth partner and learn to do this together
  • Classes can be scheduled any time after 20 weeks gestation — because you need a baby bump to get the full benefit of some techniques!

Babies “spin” to move through the pelvis

Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Class highlights your baby’s active role to rotate down and out of the pelvis.

Learn techniques to help muscles in your pelvis support an easier birth. During labor, the baby turns through three levels of the pelvis. Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help “make room for baby!” Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor and allows birth to be more comfortable.

This class is for expectant parents only. Professionals are invited to learn more in one of our Spinning Babies® Workshops held by a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer.

Please Note:

  • Online Pre-Registration is required
  • Limit 5 couples per class