Powerful health knowledge is at your fingertips when you take one of our health risk assessments. Learn about your risks, including the factors that you can control to stay healthy longer. And when you need help, we’re Always Here to offer it with physicians and services designed to prevent or delay these conditions and help treat them when they occur. Find a doctor, join a wellness center, seek nutritional counseling, get the surgery you need – it’s all here at WK. Get ready for better health by taking one of our risk assessments. 

Acid Reflux Screening Assessment

Do you have heartburn often? You may be at risk for acid reflux. Take this health risk assessment to learn if you need to take action. Doctors at Willis-Knighton offer you solutions and keep your life and your meals pleasant ones.

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Back & Neck Pain Assessment

Is that crick in the neck a random pain or the sign of something more serious? Check out this assessment and check out your risk for this type of pain that can affect the quality of your life.

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Bladder Control Assessment

Do you find yourself looking for the nearest restroom more often than you would like? Do you experience leaks when you cough or sneeze? Take this assessment to learn your risk for bladder control issues.

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Breast Cancer Screening Assessment

Learn your risk for breast cancer with this health risk assessment.  It uses medical, lifestyle, family history and other health factors to help identify your risk.  Be sure to keep up your self-exams and routine mammograms to be fully covered. Knowledge is power, so take this evidence-based risk assessment to gain greater control over your future health.

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Colorectal Cancer Assessment

Colorectal cancer is one of those “silent cancers” – no lumps to feel or pain to identify there’s a problem. But it’s a cancer that can be treated effectively if it’s caught early. Take this assessment to find out if you’re at risk.

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Diabetes Risk Assessment

Some experts say diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions. And it’s one condition you don’t want to develop if you can help it. Find out if you are at risk for diabetes so you can prevent it from happening to you.

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Healthy Weight-Range Assessment

What’s a realistic healthy weight for you? Take this assessment to find out and help you achieve your healthy weight goals for a longer, healthier life.

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Heart Health Assessment

Are you at risk for heart disease?  What medical or lifestyle factors affect your future risk for a heart attack? Input your details into this risk assessment to calculate a personalized report with insight into your heart health.  Get information to help you address any factors that you can control. Invest a few minutes in your health now.

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Knee & Hip Health Risk Assessment

How active are you? Is joint pain beginning to affect your ability to enjoy the things you want to do? If you’re having symptoms of knee or hip issues – or just want to know your risk for the future-- take our online knee and hip risk assessment. This evidence-based assessment can help you understand the true impact of your symptoms on your quality of life. Take it now!

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Lung Cancer Assessment

Do you have trouble breathing? Have you worked with chemicals, smoked or lived with a smoker. Find out if you are at risk for lung cancer.

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PAD Symptoms Assessment

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) develops as calcium and fatty deposits build up in your arteries.  This reduces the flow of blood in your arteries and often affects your feet and legs. The PAD assessment analyzes symptoms, your current health, family history and lifestyle factors that could indicate your risk for PAD. Early diagnosis can help reduce risk for serious complications, so take the assessment now.

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Prostate Cancer Assessment

What’s your risk for prostate cancer? It’s something every man should know. Learning about symptoms and finding out your risk will help you focus on prevention and early detection.

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Sleep Apnea Assessment

Are you waking up tired after a night’s sleep? Does your spouse complain about your nighttime noises? You could have sleep apnea. Take this assessment to learn about your risk level – and if you have risks, WK doctors can help!

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Stroke Risk Assessment

Do you know that a stroke can happen to anyone of any age? This assessment will help you identify if you have a risk for stroke – and, if so, you’ll want to visit with a doctor about how you can prevent one.

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Weight Loss Surgery Assessment

If you’ve struggled with your weight and can’t seem to get it under control…   If your weight is contributing to other health problems like high blood pressure, joint pain, diabetes…  if you’re wondering if weight loss surgery is for you, then this risk assessment can help you determine the next step in your weight loss journey. Take it now.

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