Abnormal Uterine Bleeding


This is abnormal, unpredictable bleeding from your vagina. It isn't caused by things like infection, disease or pregnancy. It can happen between your menstrual periods, and the bleeding may be light or heavy.


This bleeding is linked to changes in your hormone levels. It most often happens when your body is ready for your ovaries to release an egg, but no egg is released.


With this condition, your menstrual periods may happen more frequently or less frequently than normal. They may come at irregular times. They may last longer than they should, and your bleeding may be heavy. You may also have spotting or bleeding between your periods. Issues with your hormone levels can be linked to problems other than irregular bleeding. You may have hot flashes or mood swings. You may have vaginal tenderness or dryness. And, you may notice changes in your body hair growth.


Treatment options may include low-dose birth control pills. You may benefit from an intrauterine device that releases the hormone progestin. You may benefit from hormone therapy. If these aren't helpful, you may benefit from other options. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.