eeing while sleeping is a problem for many children. It can be embarrassing for kids. And it can sometimes be frustrating for parents.

Why does it happen?

Why does it happen? A range of issues can cause it. These involve the body or the mind. It can run in families. It can be linked to a sleep disorder. Constipation can cause it. It can be caused by a hormone issue, urinary tract infection or other medical problem. Some kids feel their bladder is full even when it could hold more. They tend to pee more often during the day, and at night they are more likely to wet the bed. It can be caused by psychological or emotional stress. And it can be linked to sexual abuse.

How do we treat it?

How do we treat it? Well, that depends on the cause. If it's happening because of a medical problem, a doctor can find out what's wrong and make a care plan. Some kids take medicine for bedwetting. And, you may need to change their behavior. Do things like limit what they drink before bedtime, or make sure they pee before going to bed. There are also alarms that sense wetness and wake the child. And for some kids, counseling may help.


For more tips on managing bedwetting, talk to your child's doctor.