Brief Psychotic Disorder


This is a mental disorder that affects you temporarily. It causes you to have a break from reality. You may act out in strange ways. You may become violent. This can disrupt your life. It can have severe consequences.


We don't fully understand what causes this disorder. It is triggered by extreme stress. It can happen if you have been in a major accident, or if you have suddenly lost a loved one. You have a higher risk for this disorder if you have a personality disorder.


Brief psychotic disorder can cause you to speak and act in a way that's not normal for you. You may believe things that aren't true. We call these "delusions." You may hear or see things that aren't real. We call these "hallucinations." These symptoms last longer than a day, but less than a month. Then, they go away and you return to normal. You may not remember your strange behavior.


Brief psychotic disorder can be treated with medications. It can also be treated with talk therapy, which can help you learn to cope with your emotional stress. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.