This procedure lets your doctor see the inside of your lungs. It's done with a lighted viewing device we call a "bronchoscope." Bronchoscopy can help your doctor get a better look in your lungs than we can see with an x-ray or scan. And, simple procedures can be done through the scope.


To begin, a medicine makes you feel relaxed and numb. The bronchoscope is placed into your nose or mouth. It's carefully guided into the back of your throat. It passes through your vocal cords and into your trachea. Then, it's guided down into the airways of your lungs.


Your doctor may use the bronchoscope to find signs of damage or disease. Your doctor can also pass tiny instruments through the scope. Your doctor can use these to find and remove things blocking your airway. They can also be used to take samples of mucus and tissue for study in the lab.


When the procedure is done, you're watched in a recovery room while the medicine wears off. Follow your doctor's plan for a safe recovery.