Caring for Someone Who Has COVID-19


Your loved one has a COVID-19 infection, and you're caring for them at home. You've never done this before, and you need a plan. Let's go over some things to do as you provide care.

Isolate them

First, isolate the sick person. They should stay in one room. Keep them away from others, including you, as much as you can.

Contact information

Next, make sure you have their healthcare provider's contact information available. You may need to talk to their doctor or deal with medications. Having this information handy is important.

Mild symptoms

For most people, the virus isn't life-threatening. Make sure your loved one is drinking plenty of fluids and getting lots of rest. Over-the-counter medications can help them feel better.

Serious symptoms

For some people, a COVID-19 infection can gradually worsen. So you need to monitor their symptoms. Listen for breathing problems. Don't ignore chest pain or pressure. Do they seem confused? Have they stopped responding to you? These are signs that they need emergency medical care. Without it, COVID-19 can be fatal.