Chemo Brain


This memory and concentration problem happens to some cancer patients during and after chemotherapy. With chemo brain, you feel like you're living in a haze. This makes it hard to do daily tasks.


Why does it happen? Well, we don't know, exactly. It may be linked to your cancer, your treatment, or even your genes. There may be many factors involved. We're still trying to learn more about this problem.


What are the symptoms? With chemo brain, you may feel tired and unable to concentrate. You may feel forgetful and detached. You may misplace things and forget people's names. You may have to read something several times before you understand it or remember it. You may feel confused and disorganized. Chemo brain can make it hard for you to do things you used to do.


How do we treat it? If you have chemo brain, keep a list of your symptoms. Your doctor will look at this list and help you deal with your problems. You may benefit from therapy or counseling. Talk to your doctor about the options available to you.