Chronic Laryngitis


This is an inflammation of the part of your throat that holds your vocal cords. It's called the "larynx." Laryngitis can make you sound hoarse, and your voice may be very weak. Your laryngitis is said to be "chronic" if it lasts longer than three weeks.


Laryngitis can have many causes. Things that irritate your throat, like fumes or smoke, can cause it. It can be caused by overusing your voice. It is linked to acid reflux, sinusitis or alcohol use. And there are other, less common causes such as infections, injuries, tumors and other problems.


Laryngitis can make your voice hoarse and weak. Your throat may feel dry, raw and sore. You may have a dry cough.


Treatment depends on the cause of your laryngitis. You may benefit from resting your voice, and keeping your throat moist. Medications may help. Your healthcare provider can create a care plan that is right for you.