Complete Muscle Tear


This happens when a muscle stretches too far. It causes the muscle fibers to tear, leaving the muscle in two separate pieces. The two parts of the muscle may pull apart, leaving a gap between them.


What causes a muscle tear? It happens when you overuse a muscle. It can also happen when you make a very sudden, explosive movement. Muscle tears can be a problem for athletes who push their bodies hard. It also happens if you injure a muscle, then become active again without giving it time to heal.


What are the symptoms? A torn muscle can be very painful. You may feel a snapping or popping sensation when it happens. You may have swelling and bruising in the area. If the two ends of the muscle pull away from each other, you may see an indentation beneath the skin. And it may be hard or impossible for you to move the muscle.


How do we treat it? You may benefit from rest, ice, compression and elevation. We may immobilize the muscle to give it time to heal. But torn muscles don't always heal on their own. You may need surgery to fix the tear. Your doctor will create a plan that's right for you.