Diaper Rash

This common skin irritation affects a baby's diaper area. Let's learn more about why it happens and how to care for it.


First, what causes diaper rash? Well, it can be linked to a few things. A baby's diaper holds pee and poop against their skin, and this is very irritating. It also can happen because a tight diaper or clothing has rubbed against their skin. Your baby may have very sensitive skin, or they may be allergic to a certain type of wipe, diaper, detergent or fabric softener. It can happen when your baby eats a new food, which changes the their poop. It may be caused by a bacterial or yeast infection. And it may be linked to antibiotic use.


What are the symptoms? Watch for a bright red rash on their bottom, thighs or genitals. Your baby may react when you touch or clean this skin. They may be uncomfortable. They may cry.


How do we treat diaper rash? Keep your baby's skin clean and dry. Consider letting them go without a diaper at certain times. Use a bigger diaper to increase airflow to the area. Talk to your doctor about soothing creams, lotions or other products for your baby's skin. If you think they may have an infection, a prescription medication may help clear it up. For more info, talk to your doctor.