Dissociative Fugue


This is a form of amnesia. It's a temporary state of memory loss. A person in this state may not be able to remember who they are. They may have no memories of their family or friends, or where they live or work. If this happens to you, it can seriously disrupt your life.


We don't fully understand this disorder. It's usually linked to a very stressful or embarrassing event. The pressures of home life, work life or war can trigger it.


If you have a dissociative fugue, you may lose some or all of your memories. This happens suddenly. It can last a few hours. It can last weeks or months, or even longer. During this time, you may move away and call yourself by a different name. You may change homes, get a new job and make other relationships. Through all of this, you may not realize anything is wrong. But then, your memories can come back all at once. You suddenly realize that you're in an unfamiliar place. You may not know how you got there, and you may not remember what you've done while you were in the fugue state. You may never regain these memories. This can be very confusing. It can cause shame and fear.


Dissociative fugue is treated with talk therapy. And learning to manage your stress can help prevent it from happening again. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.