Eye Floaters


These are dark or transparent strands or spots that you see floating in your visual field. They move as you move your eyes. When you try to focus on them, they may drift out of your vision. This can be annoying.


What causes floaters? Often, it's just part of the natural aging process. Over time, the jelly inside your eyeball shrinks and becomes more stringy. As thickened strands of jelly move in front of your retina, they cast shadows that you see as floaters. This can be bothersome, but generally isn't cause for alarm. Sometimes, however, floaters are a sign of a serious problem. They can be caused by inflammation or bleeding in the eye. They can be caused by retinal tears. Floaters are also linked to eye surgeries and certain medications.


If you have floaters, they may look like cobwebs or squiggly lines. You may see shapes, spots or lines. You can see them more easily when you look at something bright. You'll see them follow the motion of your eyes. They tend to keep moving a bit even when you stop moving your eyes.


Having some floaters in your eye is normal. Generally, they don't need treatment. But if you suddenly notice more floaters in your eye, or if they are affecting your vision, surgery may help. Your doctor will create a care plan that's right for you.