Fragile X Syndrome (FXS)


This is an inherited genetic disorder. It can cause a wide range of mind and body problems. This syndrome affects both males and females, but it is more common and usually more severe in males.


Fragile X syndrome is caused by a mutation of a gene in the X chromosome. This is a chromosome that helps determine gender. The mutated gene makes extra copies of a segment of DNA code. This stops the production of a protein needed for the proper development of the brain.


Fragile X syndrome can affect development. A child with this syndrome may sit, walk, crawl and talk later than other children. The child may have learning disabilities. This disorder can cause anxiety in social situations. It can cause impulsiveness and aggression. Girls with this disorder may be very shy. Fragile X syndrome can also cause certain physical characteristics, such as a long face, loose, flexible joints and flat feet.


There is no cure for this syndrome, but symptoms can be treated. A child with FXS may benefit from therapies, counseling and medications.