Gaming Disorder (Video Game Addiction)


These days, we have access to video games whenever we want them. At home, we can play them on TVs and computers. When we're out, we can play them on our phones and tablets. For many, video games are a fun and harmless diversion from everyday life. But for some people, they can become an addiction.

You can't control it

If you are addicted to video games, it can feel like they completely rule your life. You play video games whenever you can, even when you have other things you need to do. You feel the need to play, even when you don't want to. You can't control it. You feel stressed when you can't play. Playing video games helps you feel normal.

You withdraw

Gaming disorder causes you to withdraw from social activities. You may lie to people close to you about how much time you spend playing. You may find yourself staying up late into the night. This hurts real-life friendships.

Getting help

If this sounds like you, you need to recognize that you have a problem. It's time to make some changes in your life. Limit your games, or stop playing altogether. Work on face-to-face interactions. These are better for your happiness and health. And, you may need to seek counseling. Overcoming gaming disorder isn't easy, but with determination, you can do it.