Herbal Supplements


These are products made from plants. They're meant to keep you healthy or help with a range of health problems. These include headaches, arthritis pain, menstrual cramps and depression.

Are they drugs?

Are herbal supplements the same as drugs? No. They're actually classified as "foods." They aren't tested or regulated like drugs. Their ingredients and potency can vary greatly from maker to maker, or even from batch to batch. It's hard to know how effective they are.

Are they safe?

Are herbal supplements safe? Well, many people do use them safely. But before you take any herbal supplement, talk to your doctor. Get a medical diagnosis, and find out if your doctor thinks an herbal supplement can help you. Make sure it won't interact with the drugs you take. If you do decide to use a supplement, buy it only from a reputable company. Follow the directions carefully. And watch for allergic reactions.


For more information about herbal supplements, talk to your doctor.