Histrionic Personality Disorder


This is a mental health disorder that causes you to seek attention. You feel uncomfortable when people aren't focused on you. Sometimes, you draw attention to yourself in ways that aren't healthy. This can damage your relationships.


We don't understand the cause of this disorder. Your genes may play a role. It may also be linked to something in your childhood. It's more common in women. It usually begins by the late teens or early 20s.


If you have histrionic personality disorder, you constantly look for ways to draw attention to yourself. Your actions are dramatic and emotional. You may dress seductively. You can be provocative and sexual at inappropriate times. You may think your relationships are more intimate than they really are. People who have this disorder tend to crave excitement in their jobs and relationships. They may lose interest in things quickly. If you have this disorder, others may describe you as shallow, overly sensitive and easily influenced. You may constantly seek approval from others. You may blame others for your failures.


Histrionic personality disorder can be treated with talk therapy. Medications may also help. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that's right for you.