How Opioid Abuse Affects Personality


Opioids are powerful for controlling pain. But too often, they are abused. This leads to dependence and addiction. And as this happens, your personality can change.


What types of changes are linked to opioid abuse? Well, although opioids cause you to feel euphoric, opioid abuse is linked to feelings of anxiety and depression. It may also lead to rapid mood swings.

Deceitful behavior and bad decisions

If you abuse opioids, you may begin to do things you normally wouldn't do to get more of the drug. You may lie to others to hide your use. You may manipulate people, and shift blame onto others when things don't go your way. You'll start to make bad decisions. You may act impulsively. You may even become aggressive, or even abusive. This puts you and others at risk.


Be aware of the dangers of opioid abuse. If you have an opioid prescription, use it only as directed. Talk to your doctor about the signs of dependence and addiction. If you notice these signs in yourself or in a loved one, get help right away.