Hyperglycemia and Diabetes


If you have diabetes, you need to watch for hyperglycemia. It's a dangerous condition that happens when your blood sugar is too high. If not managed well, it can cause serious complications. And when it becomes severe, it is life-threatening.


How does it happen? In some cases, it's linked to your insulin. It can happen if you don't inject enough, or don't inject insulin the right way. It can happen if you use expired insulin. Hyperglycemia is also triggered by inactivity, stress, injury and illness.

Early stage

What are some warning signs? At first, you may feel thirsty, and you may need to pee a lot. You may have a headache, and you may feel tired. You may have blurry vision. In its early stage, you may be able to treat hyperglycemia on your own. You can get more exercise, drink more water, and adjust your next meal. You may also need to inject insulin.

Severe stage

If hyperglycemia is not controlled, it can become severe. You can have dry mouth. You can have abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. You can have shortness or breath, and you may become weak and confused. This is a medical emergency. Get immediate medical care.


For more information, talk to your doctor.