Hypoglycemia and Diabetes


If you have diabetes, you need to watch for hypoglycemia. It's a dangerous condition that happens when your blood sugar is too low. It is life-threatening.


How does it happen? In some cases, it's triggered by taking too much insulin. It can also result from not eating enough, or if you exercise too hard.

Early stage

What are some warning signs? At first, you may feel shaky, nervous, irritable and sweaty. Your heart may beat rapidly. You can become weak and lightheaded. You may have a headache, and problems with your vision. You can also become confused and emotional. In its early stage, you may be able to treat hypoglycemia on your own. You can drink soda or juice, or eat something sweet. You can take glucose tablets.

Severe stage

If hypoglycemia is not controlled, it can become severe. You can have a seizure and pass out. This is a medical emergency. Without immediate medical care, hypoglycemia can be fatal.


For more information, talk to your doctor.